Copyright Infringement / DMCA / Legal Consequences

Pressplay Entertainment takes copyright infringement and the use of unlicensed materials extremely seriously. Since the U.S. Congress passed the DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyrigt Act) in 1998 we have the legal power in our hands to make everyone responsible who is knowingly using, publishing, transmitting etc. copyrighted material as described in the Act.
We will make sure that those who commit copyright infringement will be identified and made responsible for their actions. Our team of expert attorneys will use every legal tool available to make an example of each case to understand the weight of their actions.
Furthermore, we will make sure that the user's credit card, IP address will be logged to blacklist and prevent him from using the services in the future.
Any user committing such acts will have to face ALL legal consequences and will have to indemnify Pressplay Entertainment for all damages caused.